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Rumor: Venom Could End Up In Spider-Man 3

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In a few weeks, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) will receive a much-needed European vacation in the planned sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home . And according to the most recent trailers, that sequel will delve into something mysterious for the MCU: the Multiverse.
When Marvel and Sony get around to eventually doing a third Spider-Man movie , however, one rumor now speculates that the buzzword will be something even more exciting to Spider-Man fans: Symbiotes. There are no plans to add Deadpool in an MCU Spider-Man 3, but Sony desperately wants Tom Hardy’s Venom in this movie. Deadpool had his own movies but never showed up in the main X-Men films, it will be the same for the MCU. — Roger Wardell (@RogerWardell) May 27, 2019
The Twitter account for Roger Wardell broke some Avengers: Endgame rumors that turned out to be very accurate, so there’s a chance that the person’s “Insider Information” is accurate. For the time being, we will chalk this up as rumor, as there isn’t even a Spider-Man 3 for the MCU on the books at Sony, and the studio is focusing instead on getting Spider-Man: Far From Home off the ground.
But bringing Tom Hardy as Venom into the MCU makes a whole lot of sense, particularly because audiences responded far better than we would have anticipated to the character when he got his own movie in Venom . You wouldn’t want to have an MCU Venom as well as a Sony Venom. And the only time that we have been able to see our favorite wallcrawler sharing the screen with one of his most-popular villains was in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 , which was a trainwreck of epic proportions.
At the same time, Sony might not be in a rush to lend their Venom over to the MCU, despite what the above Tweet suggests. The studio seems hard at work at their standalone “Spidey” universe k(that doesn’t have Spider-Man in it yet, mind you), with Morbius following up Venom , and plans for a Venom 2 that assumedly will develop Woody Harrelson as Carnage .
Venom made a lot of money for Sony, banking $855 million globally. Audiences will return for the sequel, out of curiosity. The better bet, for Sony at least, would be to lure Tom Holland from Marvel Studios back to Sony, where he can play alongside Hardy, Jared Leto and the stars being set up in the Sony Spidey universe.
But I can also understand why Marvel wants a heavy hitter like Venom in the MCU. It’s a difficult situation.
There are better villains who seem to be more important to Spider-Man than Venom who should get a shot at the MCU treatment. The Venom origin story has been truncated in the Sony universe, so far, so trying to bring him over to the MCU without properly addressing the alien symbiote suit might get confusing.
Personally, as a die-hard Spider-Man fan, I’d love to see the MCU get a proper crack at two classic Spidey villains before they even started thinking about Venom, and that’s both Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius. Osborn could become a Big Bad not just in the Spider-Man movies, but in the larger MCU, as Norman became a chief adversary for many major Marvel heroes over the years.
And the most recent Playstation Spider-Man game mapped out a fantastic way for the MCU to do Doc Ock on screen. Also, more than enough time has passed since Alfred Molina’s spectacular rendition of Doc Ock in Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 , so we are ready to see a new version of the character.
For now, this is all a rumor. All we know for certain is that Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) is joining Spider-Man’s corner of the MCU in July, and what happens after that is up in the air. Click here , then, for more details on all that we know about Upcoming Marvel Movies. Spider-Man: Far From Home Official Trailer Reaction

Your unofficial summer reading list: The existential crisis edition

Your unofficial summer reading list: The existential crisis edition
Everyone always asks me what I did over the summer, and for at least every year of my university career, the only thing I’ve been able to tell them about is my annual existential crisis.
With too much time on my hands, and no school or serious career to drive me anywhere my thoughts run amok asking all the questions during the year I’m too busy to seriously contemplate. What if I don’t graduate? What if I don’t get a job in my field? What if I do get a job in my field? Where did I put my sandals last winter? What if I never find a hobby I like? Does that mean my life void of meaning? What is meaning in life? Are jobs and hobbies meaning? What if I never find my sandals?
It can all be a bit much, so, instead I read. Albeit, not the fluffy, joyful fiction that fills the checkout lines of grocery stores every season. My tastes in the summer run to the more explosive and idiosyncratic, than what usually appears on the beach reads table at the bookstore, and they tend to read the same way my summer scaries feel.
So if you feel the claws of dread digging into you, or you’re worrying about what it means to be a person making their way on the earth, here’s a reading list that’ll maybe distract you and give you something else to think about while you’re at it. Photo courtesy of Penguin Random House
The Idiot By: Elif Batuman Genre: Fiction Why you should read it: Perhaps the most traditional beach-read out of the list, The Idiot is the story of first year university student Selin, the people she meets, the myth of the college experience and the advent of email.
Borrowing its title from Fydor Dovstoyevsky’s The Idiot , make no mistake Batuman’s 421 page novel’s only similarity is it’s propensity for Russian. Written without chapters, in a dense stream of consciousness The Idiot throws you into the head of 18 year old Selin, and her endless supply of artistic, literary and film references.
By turns hilarious, and touching, The Idiot ingratiates you into the world of someone who hasn’t figured out where life is headed yet, and where she is going — an infinitely relatable sensation for anyone in their post-secondary years, and even beyond. Photo courtesy of Vintage Books
Autobiography of Red By: Anne Carson Genre: Poetry Why you should read it: A coming of age story in the modern day with characters emerging from Greek myth, Carson explores a search for meaning and belonging in the world through the eyes of a red-winged monster, Geryon. Both a metaphoric and literal monster emerging from Greek mythos into the modern world, and abused by his older brother and left unprotected by his mother, Geryon finds comfort and life through photography and meeting Herakles, a young man who ultimately breaks his heart.
Carson winds the bombastic nature of Greek myth, with the mundane every day. Hockey practice is matched to mythical red-winged monsters, and classic coming of age stories meet the unfathomable feats of Greek heroes.
Describing it as poetry, or as a novel both feel disingenuous to the atmosphere created by Carson’s verse style throughout the book. The structure emphasizes the humour, and the despair found in Geryon’s life and makes it something accessible and enjoyable (if not melancholic) to anyone. Photo courtesy of Random House
When Breath Becomes Air By: Paul Kalanithi Genre: Non-fiction Why you should read it : A true autobiography this time, When Breath Becomes Air follows the author Paul Kalanithi, at the time finishing his neurosurgical residency, through his diagnosis and battle with late stage metastatic lung cancer.
The ensuing book grapples with the question, what meaning do we have in life when our future goals are no longer accessible? Without the time to move forward, and only the immediate present, what makes life worth living when future milestones are stripped away?
Kalanithi paints lyrical still lifes of moments in his day despite the simple language used, that illustrate his answers to the questions he finds himself facing. Although When Breath Becomes Air inherently deals with our mortality, it dives deep into what is meaningful about living, beyond our goals and successes.
Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West By: Cormac McCarthy Genre: Historical fiction Why you should read it: Often lauded as Cormac McCarthy’s masterpiece in a literary cannon which contains heavyweight novels such as No Country for Old Men and The Road , Blood Meridian is a sweeping, yet pointed horrifying epic set in 1849, following a teenager only known as “the kid” and his travels through the American southwest with a pack of scalp hunters.
Any quick googling of Blood Meridian will turn up story after story of people who couldn’t finish it, or were subjected to nightmares afterwards. The subject isn’t helped by McCarthy’s style, which takes its cues from biblical and epic sources. Both excruciatingly descriptive, but distant Blood Meridian’s narration fills you with a sense of palpable dread and helplessness as each event passes by.
There is only death, and the brutality and horror of humanity. Yet, the absence of any human good feels highlighted. For every evil committed (and there are a lot) there’s an empty space where a simple act of kindness should be, and in those cracks and gaps, you can find what being truly human — not truly evil — means.
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How To Talk To Kids About School Safety Life

How To Talk To Kids About School Safety These issues can be scary for children. Here’s some advice to guide parents’ conversations. Created with Sketch. supersizer via Getty Images
From the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting to the headline-making effects of school bullying , school safety is a hot-button topic in the U.S. Now that kids across the country have gone back to school, parents may be facing questions from their children or coming up with their own concerns about safety.
Although it’s important to respond to kids’ queries and have conversations around school safety, broaching this topic without causing unnecessary fear or anxiety can pose a challenge.
To offer guidance, HuffPost spoke to a couple of school safety experts about the best ways to tackle these issues with kids. Here are eight things to keep in mind when discussing school safety with children. Much of the advice can apply to parents and educators alike. Take A Glass-Half-Full Approach
“We advocate for a glass-half-full approach with kids ― focusing on the positive,” said Michele Gay, who co-founded the nonprofit Safe and Sound Schools after losing her daughter Josephine in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting . Instead of emphasizing potential dangers, she recommends drawing attention to places where students can find examples of safety and various things that support safety in school.
“It’s all about orienting students to their space and using kid-friendly language,” she said. “Always make sure that you’re not using scary imagery or ‘bad guys’ or anything like that. Just talk about safe and unsafe. ’If you feel unsafe, how can you get to safety and where might you find safety? Who might help you find safety?” Don’t Try To Scare Kids
Amanda Klinger, the director of operations for the Educator’s School Safety Network , echoed Gay’s sentiment of positivity. Over the years, news reports have shown schools conducting hyperrealistic active-shooter drills in which police fire blanks or shout and pound on doors ― events that have been shown to traumatize students.
“That’s not increasing the skills of the people in that school building,” Klinger said. “When we have actual events, and we have to respond, yes, that’s going to be scary for kids. But when I do a drill with kindergarteners, it shouldn’t be, ‘Boys and girls, when the homicidal maniac with the AK-47 comes to kill us, what would we do?’ There’s no reason we should do that.” “It shouldn’t be, ‘Boys and girls, when the homicidal maniac with the AK-47 comes to kill us, what would we do?’” – Amanda Klinger, Educator’s School Safety Network
Like Gay, Klinger noted that it’s important to focus on finding safety. Teaching young kids how to quickly evacuate, whether it’s because of a gunman or a collapsed roof, doesn’t have to be frightening.
“Ask kindergarteners what we’d need to do if we needed to get out of the classroom in a hurry so that no one gets trampled or left behind,” she explained. “We’d be careful with our bodies when we leave, we’d follow the teacher, we’d pay attention and we’d use our listening ears and our looking eyes. That’s not scary.” Use Age-Appropriate Activities
One activity that Safe and Sound Schools promotes in classrooms is a game called Safety Tag. “It works great with little ones, and all you need is a pack of Post-Its,” said Gay.
Educators gather their students in their classroom, cafeteria, gym or hallway and give each child a handful of Post-it Notes. Then they can ask the students to walk around the room and use a Post-it to tag anything they see that represents safety, makes them feel safe or could support their safety in various circumstances.
“Within a matter of 60 seconds, the room is usually littered with Post-its,” Gay explained, adding that kids often tag things like the fire extinguisher, the first-aid kit and even the teacher. “That kind of approach gets them to stop and see that, in this uncertain world where we unfortunately hear about tragedy after tragedy, we are doing an awful lot and have many resources to support safety and keep everyone safe in schools.”
Parents can do this sort of exercise with their kids as well, by asking them to find five things that keep them safe at school and report back when they return home that day. Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury via Getty Images Appropriate books can be great conversation starters.
“That’s a great conversation starter for parents who want to make sure their children are aware of those things and know how to utilize them if they should need them ― without coming at it from that really negative, worst-case scenario angle,” Gay said.
There are also many age-appropriate books that teach kids about safety. Gay recommends The Lockdown Drill by Deputy Becky Coyle. “The book introduces in a gentle, kid-friendly way what this safety procedure is and why we do it in schools. It’s good to sit down in a comfortable, cozy environment with kids to curl up with a helpful book. It’s a no-stress way to open the door to these conversations.” Recognize Safety Comes In Many Forms
Gay and Klinger both emphasized that school safety encompasses so much more than active-shooter drills and security checks. Other major safety issues include earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, floods, blizzards, bullying, sexual violence and playground injuries.
Rather than harping on school safety events that make national news, it’s more important to focus on the specific risks that students are more likely to face at their particular school.
“If my school is a mile downwind from a chemical plant, that’s a more likely hazard than other things,” Klinger said. “That doesn’t mean we need to be paralyzed by fear, but it means we need to see if we’ve addressed that risk.” “Having an additional lock or buzzer does nothing if the biggest risk we face at school is that we don’t have adequate supervision at dismissal and a kid is going to be hit by a bus … or the LGBT kid that’s getting bullied.” – Amanda Klinger
Klinger said she gets concerned when she sees so much expenditure on strengthening the security of buildings. “Having an additional lock or buzzer does nothing if the biggest risk we face at school is that we don’t have adequate supervision at dismissal and a kid is going to be hit by a bus … or the LGBT kid that’s getting bullied. We need to make sure what we’re doing is part of a comprehensive all-hazards approach.” Focus On Building Life Skills
“When we’re talking about safety, we’re talking about life skills,” Gay explained. “Those things that we teach regarding safety in school can apply out in the world, at home, in the grocery store, at the movies, at the mall. Wherever you are, wherever you go, you want to take a little time to orient yourself. The information and behaviors kids learn can serve them for the rest of their lives.”
Both Gay and Klinger noted that “stop, drop and roll” is a classic life skill students learn as part of safety lessons in school. “If you think about it, the thought of burning to death sounds really terrifying,” Klinger said. “But we’re able to talk to kids about ‘stop, drop and roll,’ and it doesn’t cause the chaos, fear and anxiety that we see around other conversations about school safety.”
To that end, it’s crucial that educators frame these discussions in a way that helps students and parents understand they’re doing different safety drills not because schools are fundamentally terrible, dangerous places, but because these are life skills. simonmcconico via Getty Images
“It’s about knowing how to respond appropriately, how to follow directions, how to be aware of your surroundings,” Klinger said. “Asking yourself, how would I evacuate this building if the roof collapsed?” Know What Their Schools Are Teaching
Many parents, especially around the start of the school year, have questions about what’s going on with safety in their child’s school.
“Historically, this is not a conversation we invited parents to be a part of. When you start the school year as a parent, you receive a lot of paperwork ― including forms for parents to sign up for committees, projects or other types of volunteering ― but there’s hardly ever anything related to safety that involves parents,” Gay said.
As parents come forward and ask questions, however, this has shifted a bit, as schools are sharing more information.
“Of course, schools aren’t going to give parents the alarm codes or pass out the blueprints, and things like that. But certainly, they can and should be telling them about protocols that are in place,” she added.
Gay offered a number of questions parents should consider asking teachers: Which drills do you practice? How many times a year do you practice them? What kind of teaching goes on beforehand? How many ways are you able to quickly secure the classroom if you need to? How many ways are you able to get out of this classroom if you need to? In what ways are you able to communicate? Do you feel there’s more you need that parents can provide? How can I help?
Perhaps the biggest question, however, is: What kind of language do you use with my child to talk about these issues and prepare them for safety in a variety of circumstances? This question is significant because parents already have the basic math and reading education to support those curriculums at home, but they likely don’t know what their kids are learning about safety. “Are they saying, ‘Run, hide, fight’ or ‘Get out, keep out and hide out’?” – Michele Gay, Safe and Sound Schools
“The safety curriculum needs to be supported by parents at home, too, just like science or reading,” Gay said. “So w hat words are they using in school? Are they saying, ‘Run, hide, fight’ or ‘Get out, keep out and hide out’? Are they using the word ‘violence’ or different vocabulary? That way, parents can weave that language into everyday conversation and help them learn about safety.”
Beyond questions about language and protocols, parents should also ask what their roles are in the case of a crisis.
“Are you expecting me to stay at home, stay informed and wait to get the word about what I’m supposed to do next?” Gay said. “If so, what’s the most reliable way to get that information? Is it our local news station? The school website? Twitter? What tools do I have for getting information, and which ones do you want me using?” Be Realistic And Reassuring
“I think that when parents talk to their students, there needs to be a real discussion of how statistically unlikely these events are,” Klinger said. Although ESSN’s research has shown a recent uptick in school-based violence and threats, she still emphasized that it remains statistically unlikely a given child’s school will have an active-shooter event.
It’s important to ask kids to share their concerns, hear them out and respond in a realistic, reassuring way. Parents can note these threats are real, but many of them are not likely ― and even though that may be the case, there are still many ways to prepare for them in case they do come to pass. Getting kids involved in the preparation process can also be encouraging. Viara Mileva via Getty Images Use Resources
There are resources for parents that can help inform discussions about school safety with kids. The Safe and Sound Schools website offers safety toolkits that include a questionnaire for parents, as well as a specific “Parents for Safe Schools” guidelines .
The ESSN website also offers free resources about moving beyond strictly security or active-shooter-focused approaches. Klinger and her mother, ESSN co-founder Amy Klinger, published a book called Keeping Students Safe Every Day: How to Prepare for and Respond to School Violence, Natural Disasters, and Other Hazards , which is geared toward educators and administrators but has gotten positive feedback from parents as well. For parents looking to learn more about these issues, Amanda Klinger suggested the University of Virginia’s Model for Student Threat Assessment and the U.S. Secret Service’s Operational Guide for Preventing Targeted School Violence.
Klinger also recommended parents look to school boards for guidance about what makes sense and what the best practices are. “Parents can advocate for change. It’s important to figure out what’s best for students, not what’s convenient for adults.”
Parenting is harder than ever, and there’s no one way to do it right. So on November 2, HuffPost Life will convene a community of people trying to figure it out together at our inaugural HuffPost Parents conference, HOW TO RAISE A KID . In advance of the event, HuffPost Parents will publish stories on topics that matter deeply to parents of children who are starting to navigate the world on their own: bullying; sex, consent and gender; money; their digital lives; and how to raise compassionate, self-sufficient, creative, emotionally intelligent children. In short — kids who aren’t assholes. View the event site here and be sure to follow HuffPost Parents on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram , and subscribe to our newsletter, How Not To Raise A Jerk . Related Coverage

Richard Osman wants to be a full time author

TV News Richard Osman wants to be a full time author Richard Osman would rather be an author than a TV presenter, after he landed a £1.1 million book deal for his debut novel ‘The Thursday Murder Club’.
Richard Osman would rather be an author than a TV presenter. Richard Osman
The 48-year-old TV star is most known for his work on BBC quiz show ‘Pointless’, which he created and co-presents, but after signing a mammoth £1.1 million book deal for his debut novel ‘The Thursday Murder Club’, he’s said writing is where his passions lie.
He said: “I want to do loads of these books because there’s a million things that can happen.
“I’d like to be an author, not a TV presenter, in ten years’ time. But it’s up to whether the public read my work and like it – and hopefully they will.
“I’m very aware that I’ve had a very good run – I’ve been lucky with the TV shows I’ve done – but you’ve got to prepare for the future as well.”
Richard worked on his upcoming novel in secret for 18 months before finally sharing it to the world a month ago when he let his agent Juliet Mushens read a first draft before she took it to publishers.
He added: “I was writing it completely by myself. I hadn’t told anyone. I was thinking, like anyone who’s ever written anything, ‘This might be terrible – but if it’s no good, at least I wrote a book. I didn’t have any expectations.
“Now I’m over the moon that everyone likes it so much and people will read it.”
And although he loves knowing people around the country are interested in his writing, he says he’s even more thrilled about the attention his book has gotten overseas, where people “don’t know” who he is.
He told The Sun newspaper: “I’m weirdly more excited that the Americans and the Germans and the French have bought it – because they don’t know who I am. For them, it’s not some boring celebrity who’s written a novel, they just read the book and really loved it.”
‘The Thursday Murder Club’ is set to be released in 2020 as part of a classic crime series, with a second book planned for the following year.

Books To Read If You Just Like Really Beautiful Writing

12 Books To Read If You Just Like Really Beautiful Writing, Because Sometimes A Little Dose Of Brilliant Language Is All You Need

There are some books you read for the information or advice they offer you, and there are others you’re probably reading only because it seems like everyone else is and you don’t want to be left out. Then, of course, we all remember the books we read only because they were assigned to us during the span of one school year or another. But then there are the books you read for no other reason than the fact that they feed your soul — the books whose covers you lift just because you love really beautiful writing. They’re basically the ultimate literary indulgence.

You know the kind of books I’m taking about: the ones with turns of phrase so mesmerizing they must be lingered over, or sentences that you absolutely have to write down to remember later (or, you know, use as inspiration for your next tattoo.) These are the books that stay with you as a reader. They’re the ones that you return to over and over again, and the ones you’d never consider tossing in the donation bin at your local library, or re-gifting during the office book exchange. They’re also the books that you’ll always recommend to friends, but NEVER offer to loan, because you’ll never get them back. Ever.

If you already have your own shelf of books like these (and I know you do), I have some titles for you to add. Here are 12 books to read if you just really like beautiful writing.

Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist by Sunil Yapa

You’ll have to wait until January to get your literary paws on this one, but Sunil Yapa’s debut novel is possibly the most gorgeous book I’ve read in my entire life… and if you haven’t noticed, I read a LOT. Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist tells the story of a single day — that of the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle — with prose so breathtaking and mesmerizing you’ll swear you’re reading poetry. The novel follows Victor, a 19-year-old homeless teen who plans to sell enough weed to protesters to afford to leave Seattle, but ends up in the center of one of the greatest instances of direct action in recent American history. Yapa’s pattern of meandering, artful, full-bodied imagery, punctuated by zingy one-liners makes for a seriously addictive read. This one hasn’t hit shelves yet and I’m already eager for his next work. It’s painful. It’s gorgeous. I can’t say this enough: read it.

Healing Earthquakes by Jimmy Santiago Baca

If this novel reads like poetry to you, that’s probably because it is. Healing Earthquakes is a novel written in prose poems, and tells the story of one couple’s romance, from the moments before they meet until their heartbreaking, inevitable end. The emotional rollercoaster that author Jimmy Santiago Baca is able to conjure on the page is so vivid you’ll think he’s writing about your own relationships. His storytelling is graphic, bold, sometimes cringe-inducing, and just stunning. This is a book you’ll want to return to again and again.

Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare

Call me crazy, (or cliché) but I really do think Romeo & Juliet has some of the most beautiful writing ever put to the page. I mean, Shakespeare invented his own wordsfor goodness sake. Gotta give the ol’ bard some kudos there.

She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb

It’s nearly impossible to single out just one of Wally Lamb’s novels for its particular beauty over his others, but if you absolutely HAVE to then She’s Come Undone is probably the one. When Dolores Price’s father leaves his family for another woman, Dolores’s life spirals out of control. She becomes an emotional eater who is eventually institutionalized. Her limited experiences with men are violent and disastrous, and Dolores becomes eerily obsessed with her college roommate’s boyfriend. Whales hold a special symbolism for Dolores — first as her inspiration for attempted suicide, and later as her redemption. Through it all, Lamb’s writing is stunning and flawless.

Ordinary Light by Tracy K. Smith

Tracy K. Smith’s memoir is every bit as beautiful as one would expect from the poet who won the Pulitzer Prize for her poetry collection Life on Mars. Weaving her own coming-of-age story into the story of her mother’s illness, her parents’ experiences during the Civil Rights Movement, and her own discoveries about what it means to be a black woman and a woman writer in America, Smith’s memoir is not only written beautifully, but tells a beautiful (though sometimes painful) story as well.

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

This novel is constantly credited with having one of the more beautiful first lines in literary history: “Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.” One Hundred Years of Solitude tells the story of the Buendía family, who founded the idyllic town of Macondo in Colombia, and were subsequently plagued by misfortune, bad luck, disaster, and hauntings.

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Told from the perspectives of nine different characters, And the Mountains Echoedtakes readers from Kabul, Afghanistan to Paris, France and beyond, telling the story of 10-year-old Abdullah, whose 3-year-old sister Pari is sold to a childless Afghan family by the siblings’ father. Braiding each of the narratives together with entirely beautiful prose, this novel will make you think about all the ways families sacrifice for one another, and also fail one another.

Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey

This novel tells the ultimate Los Angeles story, experienced through the perspectives of countless characters — some who appear for only a moment, and others who stick around just long enough to blow your mind and break your heart. Written in harsh, gorgeous language, Bright Shiny Morning explores why so many people are drawn to the west, how Los Angeles fails to live up to the promises of its almost mythical reputation, and why people stay in the city so long after it has failed them miserably.

A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea by Dina Nayeri

Saba and Mahtab Hafezi are 11-year-old twins living in Iran, but desperate to travel to the America that has been mythologized for them through issues of Lifemagazine. When Mahtab and her mother disappear completely, Saba imagines they have gone to live in the America the girls always dreamed about together. As Saba grows up beneath the Islamic regime of Iran, she imagines her twin sister’s life unfolding much differently elsewhere. A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea is a stunningly composed story about family, fate, and imagination.

Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri is a contemporary master of the short story, writing with a quiet storm of prose so thoughtful and filled with symbolism that you’ll want to keep examining each story until you’re almost sure you’ve discovered everything Lahiri left on the page for you. Unaccustomed Earth is a collection of eight stories that, like so many of Lahiri’s stories, focus on the relationships between men and women — the things that characters are able to sacrifice for one another, and what, despite their best efforts, they fail to provide.

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

When Marie-Laure LeBlanc becomes blind at the age of 6, her single father makes sure she grows up not only as self-sufficient and educated as possible, but also with a strong sense of the beauty that exists in the visible world. But when the Nazis invade France during World War II, Marie-Laure’s father is placed in charge of saving one of the country’s most valuable relics, and the two must flee their home. This novel builds slowly with absolutely gorgeous language and setting.

The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

With a seemingly effortless blend of Malayalam (one of the regional languages spoken in India) and English, debut novelist Arundhati Roy tells a story of life in the Kerala district of India, via the experiences of two fraternal twins: Rahel and Esthappen who, due to complex family circumstances, are separated as children and do not reunite again until their thirties. The God of Small Things will make you think about how even the smallest things in your life can sometimes really turn out to be the most significant.

Tiger Who Came to Tea author Judith Kerr dies aged 95, Europe News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

LONDON (REUTERS) – Judith Kerr, the author of “The Tiger Who Came to Tea”, has died at the age of 95 after a short illness, her publisher said on Thursday (May 23).
“It is with great sadness that we announce that Judith Kerr OBE, author and illustrator of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, Mog the Forgetful Cat and many other classic children’s books, died at home yesterday aged 95 following a short illness,” HarperCollins said.
Born in Berlin, Kerr’s family left Germany in 1933 to escape the rise of the Nazi Party and came via Paris to England.
The family’s struggle to get by as impoverished refugees in Paris and then wartime London formed the subject of Kerr’s autobiographical trilogy that started with “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit”, published in 1971.
The book has been translated into many languages and taught to school children as an introduction to a dark chapter of history. It won the prestigious Youth Book Prize in Germany, and in 1993 a school was named after Kerr in her native Berlin.
In an interview with Reuters in 2015, Kerr said that as she had got older she had thought more often about the Jewish children from her generation who perished in the Holocaust, and of the lives they might have lived.
“If you’ve got a life that so many people didn’t have, you can’t waste it,” she told Reuters.
As a young woman, Kerr worked as a textile designer, art teacher and script writer at the BBC, before taking time out from work to raise her and her husband Tom’s two children.
It was while looking after her daughter Tacy when she was a toddler that Kerr made up the story of a little girl and her mother who are having tea at home when a friendly tiger arrives unannounced, eats all the food and then leaves, never to return.
“Talk the tiger,” Tacy would often say, and years later, when both of Kerr’s children were at school and she was wondering what to do next, she hit upon the idea of a book.
“The Tiger Who Came To Tea” came out in 1968 to critical acclaim and has been a bestseller ever since, with “Mog the Forgetful Cat” following in 1970, the first of a long series.
Kerr was often asked whether the tiger has a hidden meaning, and some people have suggested that it might represent Hitler or the Nazis, invading her home and stealing her possessions. Kerr dismissed this, saying the idea for the tiger simply came from a visit to the zoo with Tacy, and the creature was harmless.
“I never think about telling small children what to think,” she told Reuters with a grin in 2015.

Jim Kelly says Bills tapping into his knowledge to help Josh Allen – The Buffalo News

Mon, Jun 3, 2019
BATAVIA – Perhaps it’s premature to start calling him Coach Kelly.
Still, it sure sounds as if former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly has something approaching an official role in helping with the development of his latest successor, Josh Allen.
Kelly revealed at his celebrity golf tournament at Terry Hills Golf Course on Monday that he has been collaborating with Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and new quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey on ways to enhance Allen’s improvement from his rookie year in 2018.
“I’ve been sitting in some meetings with the offense,” Kelly, the Pro Football Hall of Famer, told reporters. “Me and Coach Daboll went through a lot. And Ken Dorsey, of course, being a (fellow former) University of Miami quarterback and part of ‘The U,’ I’ve been in a couple meetings with them.”
According to Kelly, they have discussed what the Bills were doing during their heyday when he ran the K-Gun no-huddle attack on the way to four consecutive Super Bowls. Kelly said elements of the scheme are going to be part of what the Bills do this season.
“They’ve downloaded (video) all of our four Super Bowl seasons to see what we’ve done,” he said. “And Josh loves some of the plays that we ran. So we’re going to be, of course, implementing some of those.”
Kelly declared himself a fan of Allen’s game a year ago. He continues to feel that way.
“I love the way he plays,” Kelly said. “He’s 10 times the athlete I ever thought about being.” Josh Allen talks with his group before they tee off at the Jim Kelly Golf Classic on Monday June 3, 2019, at Terry Hills Golf Course in Batavia. (Mark Mulville/Buffalo News)
He then added the “chances” Allen takes with the extensive running he did as a rookie.
“And he just needs to know that he has to stay safe,” Kelly said. “He’s got to be able to get down when he has to get down and play now knowing that, yes, there’s chances you can’t take. But take them when you need to. The difference between a 20- or 30-yard run can be the difference between you missing a couple of games.
“But, overall, I love what I see. I’ve been to a couple of practices. I love his arm. And probably more than just that, I love the way he gets in the huddle and talks to the players. I think I said this last year, too, but, again, I see it this year: when they run a route or they’re in seven-on-seven or team drill, they come back (after a play), he automatically is talking to the receiver they threw to or talking to another receiver you didn’t throw to.” Golfing in the cold: The 2019 Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic
Kelly compared the interaction to the kind he had with receivers Andre Reed, James Lofton and Don Beebe.
“When you watch film – and I know mine’s a little different because I called all the plays – but you have to be on the same page,” Kelly said. “And when you have a quarterback that’s willing to say something, talk and be able to communicate with your receivers on what you’re doing, that’s a huge, huge start. Because you have to have confidence in what they do. And from everything I’ve seen – and I’m not there all the time – I love it. I’m excited, I really am.”
Former Bills General Manager Bill Polian, who played in Kelly’s tournament, thinks there is good reason for that. He predicts Allen is “going to be a whole lot better” than he was last season.
“The biggest jump a player makes is between their first and second years,” said Polian, who also was the President and General Manager of the Indianapolis Colts while Peyton Manning was quarterback. “So he’ll be comfortable in the offense, he’ll be comfortable knowing what’s expected of him, he’ll be comfortable knowing what he’s playing against. But there’s still a learning curve. And I think he’ll have learn when to run and when not to run. Don’t take unnecessary chances, but he’s a playmaker, so he’s going to do that. But it’s all part of the maturity factor. Everybody should keep in mind, it was three years before we won anything with Jim. And Peyton’s rookie year was the worst, at that point in history. So it’s a work in progress, but he’s on the right track.”
“I know we all look forward to the season,” Kelly said. “You see the big pluses, the changes you make, but what we have, I like it. It all starts with the guy under the center.” Story topics: Brian Daboll / buffalo bills / Jim Kelly / Josh Allen / Ken Dorsey Vic Carucci – Vic Carucci covers the Bills and NFL for The News. With four decades of experience as a pro football writer and broadcaster, he is a co-host on SiriusXM NFL Radio and a Pro Football Hall of Fame selector. Vic has authored 10 books about football (including multiple New York Times best-sellers) and is a past president of the Professional Football Writers of America. There are no comments – be the first to comment Recommended for you

11 “Game Of Thrones” Fan Theories That Are Better Than The Actual Show

11 “Game Of Thrones” Fan Theories That Are Better Than The Actual Show These would have been better than the actual ending tbh. Posted on One of the very best – and very worst – things about Game of Thrones has been the fan theories. They’ve run the gamut from pure genius and 100% accurate to totally wild and utterly weird. Tap to play or pause GIF Tap to play or pause GIF HBO
They’ve both blown my mind and infuriated me by turns – but either way, they’ve enhanced the show and the experience of watching it. While some theories did come true – and oh, how wonderful it was when they did – there are many (many, many) that didn’t. Here are some of the best ones… 1. Daenerys and Jon would have a baby HBO
After the show heavily foreshadowed Daenerys getting pregnant in Season 7, a boatsex baby appeared inevitable . Instead, it all seems to have been a way to build up a happy ending in our minds, only to tug it out from under us at the last minute. Ooft, it still hurts. 2. Jaime would kill Cersei HBO
A lot of fans thought Jaime would kill Cersei thanks to a book prophecy about the “valonqar” or “little brother” choking the life out of her. Even when he broke Brienne’s heart and fled back to Cersei at the end of Season 8, Episode 4, many fans hoped he was actually going to kill her and fulfil the prophecy. Instead, he just went to die with her because he loved her. I’ll never not be mad about it tbh. 3. All magic would be destroyed HBO
Some theorised that in order for the Night King to be destroyed, the magic powering him would need to leave the world – and, in fact, the show would end with no magic in the realm. This seemed especially likely considering we’d already seen the demise of the Children of the Forest and the giants before Season 8 had began. But by the time the show ended, we still had two direwolves alive, one dragon, and, of course, the Three Eyed Raven as the freaking king. So yeah, this theory definitely didn’t pan out. 4. Jon Snow would become the new Night King HBO
Pretty much everyone thought Jon Snow would have to sacrifice himself in some way to defeat the Night King. Many believed this would be in some kind of pact with the White Walkers that would see him become the new Night King. He would have turned into the very thing he feared most, which would have been a gut-punch of an ending. Instead, he just screamed at an undead dragon while his little sister killed his nemesis, and then he murdered the woman he loves and ended up right back where he started in Season 1. ~Bittersweet~. 5. Bran would become the original Night King HBO
This was probably one of the most popular theories going into Season 8. So many people were convinced that Bran would get stuck in the past after warging and end up in the body of the man who was turned into the Night King. Well, Bran did become a king, but certainly not the kind we expected. 6. The White Walkers would win HBO
Nobody thought Game of Thrones would have a happy ending. But some fans believed it would end in the bleakest way possible – with the Night King winning, and succeeding in wiping out all of humanity. It would have been incredibly depressing. Whether more or less so than the actual ending probably depends on how much you love the idea of Jon murdering Dany, or Bran becoming king. 7. Tyrion Lannister would ride a dragon HBO
This theory stems mainly from the more tinfoily theory that Tyrion Lannister was secretly a Targaryen. In the books, Daenerys has a vision of Rhaegar Targaryen saying “the dragon has three heads”, which many fans took to mean that there would be three dragonriders. The first obviously being Dany and the second predicted to be Jon, people pegged their hopes on Tyrion completing the trio. At least Tyrion got to pet a dragon before it was all over, I guess? 8. Jaqen H’Ghar was Syrio Forel HBO
Since Jaqen H’Ghar was a faceless man who could take on the appearance of others, some thought he was really Syrio Forel – or rather, Syrio Forel was Jaqen H’Ghar. After all, we never see Syrio actually die. This would have been super cool but, alas, it never panned out on the show. 9. The White Walker art had significance HBO
We saw the spiral patterns of the White Walkers repeatedly throughout Game of Thrones . Fans spent many hours analysing them and what they meant. But it turns out they didn’t really mean much. They were nothing more than a perversion of the holy symbols of the Children of the Forest, who created the White Walkers. At least, that’s what we’ll assume until the prequel series perhaps reveals more… 10. [Insert character here] was Azor Ahai HBO
Azor Ahai/the prince that was promised has arguably been the most talked about fan theory in the Game of Thrones fandom, aside from the classic R+L=J of course (which actually turned out to be true!). There were A LOT of theories about who the promised one would be, and pretty much all of them turned out not to be true. I say “pretty much” because Jon and/or Dany could still technically have been the prince/princess that was promised, depending on how you interpret it. Them coming together was the crucial circumstance in defeating the Night King, after all, even if neither of them delivered the killing blow. Still, in the end, this theory had much, much less significance than the fandom thought it would. 11. Varys was a mermaid (mer-eunuch?) HBO
Game of Thrones fans have come up with some pretty out-there theories over the years. This one isn’t quite as wild as the one about Tyrion being a time-travelling fetus (uh…look it up if you’re curious; like I said, it’s WILD), but it’s still pretty… unique. There is actually some evidence to back it up… and in a story featuring dragons and giants, why not mer-creatures too? Sadly, Varys’ secrets died with him. And now, it’s time to retire the tinfoil. Tap to play or pause GIF Tap to play or pause GIF 20th Century Fox

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